App Architecture 2020 Holiday Greeting

As 2020 began, we forecast a promising year ahead. Then global events suddenly caused many of us to re-imagine our routines and our homes. What were formally places of retreat, recreation and personal space evolved additionally into places for work, education and refuge. We adapted and via technology have virtually attended meetings, taught and taken classes, been to doctor’s appointments, shopped for essentials and visited and dined with friends and family. Our resilience has been challenged and strengthened as the traditional structures of work and home life have been blurred.

This original artwork, Reflections of Home, imagines and looks optimistically toward a bright future. Its conveyance of transparency and color with images slipping past and through one another are emblematic of adaptation. Homes are situated upon a mirror-like landscape under a clearing sky, punctuated with memories and dreams, harkening back to the comfort and joy of simpler times.

We have learned to embrace new opportunities and look at everything from a slightly different perspective, to be more innovative and a little more sensitive in how we go about our daily tasks, connect with one another, and cherish and protect those we hold most dear.

Thank you for traveling this 2020 journey with us. We are so thankful for the relationships we have developed with each of you and look forward to continuing to strengthen friendships and trust as we navigate future adventures together, whether the setting is in one of our offices, a construction site or from a dining room table.

Here’s to making the best of all situations from our App Architecture home to yours!

Our 2020 Holiday Greeting image was crafted by Charlie Kent from inspiration received from our entire staff.

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