App Architecture 2023 Holiday Greeting

Nearly all of us can likely remember a time in our childhoods when we played with wooden blocks. Probably the most famous architect in the United States, Frank Lloyd Wright, was encouraged as a child by his mother to play with Froebel Blocks – a form of maple wood blocks popular in the 19th century. Wright frequently espoused the influence those blocks had on his work.

A community is formed on the most basic level by people and their need for shelter for survival located within a certain geographic area. As communities mature, the people become more advanced as does their form of shelter, to the point where it can be called architecture. Architecture coupled with geography forms a sense of place.

A modern community is built one block at a time to form a place where a multitude of activities occur simultaneously. There must be places for work, play, worship, exercise, entertainment, healing and living, just to name a few. The architecture, responding to the geography, climate and cultural influences, is specifically designed to accommodate each activity. This weaving of history, traditions and customs forms a rich tapestry that reinforces the unique sense of place or fabric of each community. Everyone has a part to play in the building of strong communities through relationships, honoring existing traditions or forming new ones and serving others for the greater good.

App Architecture is thankful for the multitude of opportunities to help design and build the architecture of your communities overthe last 41 years and we look forward to building future relationships in 2024!

Our 2023 Holiday Greeting was crafted by Anthony Esposito, Joshua Konicki and Maria Mundy with help from the entire staff.

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