App Architecture 2022 Holiday Greeting

Throughout history, mankind has created walls for protection to keep danger out or danger within. Walls have been used to keep out natural elements like fire, water, and air; hence, the need for architecture.

One of the most infamous walls in history is the Berlin Wall which was used to create barriers between ideologies and socioeconomic systems. This wall existed for many years but was eventually dismantled because people found common ground. Their collective determination, courage, and dialogue bridged the barrier.

Building bridges creates opportunities to bring people closer together. The elevation of a bridge allows us to see the world from a new perspective. Such connections and perspective allow differing ideologies to be connected through mutual understanding.

In this year’s artwork, darkness and despair are overtaken by light and hope; transformations cultivated through common ground.

App Architecture is thankful for the connections we’ve created with all of you throughout the last 40 years, and we look forward to strengthening current relationships and creating new ones in 2023!
Our 2022 Holiday Greeting image was crafted by Charlie Kent from inspiration received from our entire staff.

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