App Architecture 2017 Holiday Greeting

The Apple

There are times in life when we all look at the same object but we see that object differently or we look at the same problem and we view that differently as well. There are other times we all desire the same solution yet our individual approaches to that solution are very diverse.

2017 brings our 35th annual Holiday Greeting and over those years we have worked together to resolve design challenges and collaborate on new and innovative solutions in which each one of us has made a contribution resulting in a successful end result.

This year each App Architecture employee was asked to draw an Apple. Interspersed with the original image and a black and white interpretation are the 15 individual views of the same object combined to tell a story. You may notice the last block is blank for you to add your interpretation as we strive to achieve one collaborative vision.

Here’s to working together in the past, present and future!

Happy Holidays.

App Architecture, 2017

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