Independent Living Center, Public Space Renovations

Brookville, OH


Brookhaven Retirement Community, Brookville, OH


This was a phased renovation of approximately 14,000 SF of public spaces. The project also included the addition of a 700 SF canopy and new finishes and lighting in approximately 15,000 SF of public corridor spaces. Renovated spaces include:
  • Main Lobby
  • Reception Desk
  • Conference center
  • Sales Offices
  • Resident Dining Area
  • CafĂ©
  • Chapel
  • Salon
  • Clinic
  • Activity Room
  • Wellness/Fitness Center
  • Laundry Areas


The goal for this project was to elevate the facility image to reflect the exceptional reputation and quality of care being provided at the center. The renovation addressed the changing demographic and amenity expectation of the residents. Spaces were right sized and reallocated for their updated functions, more appropriately placed and had enhancements to meet accessibility needs. The spaces were generally opened up to allow better flow, interaction and visibility as well as provide a friendlier and more hospitality oriented environment.
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