Adult Education and Administrative Office Building

Clayton, OH


Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Clayton, OH


This new 40,320 SF facility is designed for a progressive health occupations curriculum.

The project program includes a 100 person capacity multi-function learning space utilized by the school and surrounding community.


The site and building design allows for the future growth of the building. The exterior architectural form reinforces the school’s “brand” by the effective use of a consistent color scheme that relates to the existing campus.

A retention pond was created and used as an organizing element on the site to act as a foreground element providing reflecting views of the building. The pond has many other uses such as capturing all site stormwater, a source for irrigation, and acts as focal point from within the building where both views and physical connections to the pond occur at public points.

Interior spaces are organized to enable efficient and effective interaction between students and staff. A large portion of the interior space is designed column-free to allow easy reconfiguration of the floor plan to meet future needs, teaching styles, or curriculum changes.

Environmental features:

  • Site access via public transportation (Regional Bus Service)
  • High level of continuous insulation in walls and roof
  • Site responsive building orientation: the large exterior glass area defining the student lounge faces southeast and acts as a passive solar collector in the winter while overhangs shield it from solar gain in summer. High performance glazing and external sunshades control the sun around the other facades.
  • Point of use water heating and water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Adhesive-free floating vinyl/recycled rubber flooring
  • High efficiency boiler and chiller system
  • DDC HVAC Control System
  • High efficiency lighting and automated lighting module control system
  • Daylight and views for the majority of office and some classroom spaces
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